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Lower Maintenance, Less Downtime. The 5500 sc Silica Analyzer requires only two liters of reagent for the analyzer to perform unattended for up to 90 days; twice as long as the Series 5000.

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METTLER TOLEDO is a leading global manufacturer of precision instruments and services for use in laboratories and manufacturing.

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Sand casting, also known as sand molded casting, is a metal casting process characterized by using sand as the mold material. The term "sand casting" can also refer to an object produced via the sand casting process.

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Mold In sand casting, the primary piece of equipment is the mold, which contains several components. The mold is divided into two halves - the cope (upper half) and the drag (bottom half), which meet along a parting line.

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There are a wide variety of insulation materials, facings, and accessory products available for use on mechanical systems. The list changes continuously as existing products are modified, new products are developed, and other products are phased out.

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Welcome to Steam Equipments Pvt Ltd. The company delivers Design, Development, Manufacture, Supply and after sales service of Gas and Liquid Analytical Systems, Steam and Water Analysis System (SWAS) and Sample Coolers used in Refiniries, Power Plants and Process Industries.

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Engineering controls were usually either completely lacking or of limited effectiveness, the latter due either to the selection of unsuitable equipment or inadequate design and installation.

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Process Cooling writes about industrial process equipment used to cool, refrigerate, extract heat, or maintain temperature during manufacturing.

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Once the design well depth is reached, the formation must be tested and evaluated to determine whether the well will be completed for production, or plugged and abandoned. To complete the well production, casing is installed and cemented and the drilling rig is dismantled and moved to the next site ...

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We are a leading source of foundry engineering and integration.. Metalcasting facility design is our specialty. Additionally, we provide foundry consulting, operational assistance, foundry general contracting, foundry equipment, automation and installation.

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Project Supervisor Design Process (PSDP). The project supervisor design process must be an individual or body corporate i.e. a limited company.

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Microfiltration is a type of physical filtration process where a contaminated fluid is passed through a special pore-sized membrane to separate microorganisms and suspended particles from process liquid.

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Procedure :New Product Development Process shall be handled in phases.All the phases shall be executed simultaneously or sequentially as per requirement during new product design / development process.

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Slurry Blasters. A slurry blaster is a dry abrasive blasting machine that adds water at the nozzle, via a water induction nozzle (WIN) or encircles the blast stream with a curtain of water, aka halo ring.

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ULTRASLICE Macrotome precision diamond saw has a quiet, safe, direct drive design for smooth, chatter free slicing system for important and fragile industrial samples.

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The 5500 sc silica analyzer needs only two liters of reagent to perform unattended for up to 90 days; twice as long as the Series 5000. The industry's only pressurized reagent delivery system eliminates the frequent maintenance associated with pumps.

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Concrete Coloring Products Give concrete durable and long lasting color with integral color, dry shake color hardener, and antique release powder.

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Design for Maintainability: The Importance of Operations and Maintenance Considerations During the Design Phase of Construction Projects. Resource Page – 08-01-2018. This resource page presents a methodology that links operations and maintenance goals to the design process, and how it can be applied to any organization.

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UNIPOL® Proprietary Gas Phase Polypropylene Process Technology Simple To Build, Operate and Maintain . UNIPOL ® PP Process Technology is defined by simplicity.. An all gas-phase technology based on a fluidized bed reactor system, UNIPOL ® PP process is designed to have fewer moving parts and less equipment than any competing technology.

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Profitable Co-Products. Co-products from the Glycell ™ process lignin and refined glycerol, can be sold to generate additional revenue streams reducing the operating costs of cellulosic sugar production.

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Silica Gel Desiccant What is it? Silica gel is a highly porous solid adsorbent material that structurally resembles a rigid sponge. It has a very large internal surface composed of myriad microscopic cavities and a vast system of capillary channels that provide pathways connecting the internal microscopic cavities to the outside surface of the sponge.

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Laboratory Equipment. We have in stores commendable range of Laboratory Equipment. Our range comprises of kjedhal digestion and distillation unit, weight box, digital turbidity meter, digital spectrophotometer, digital melting point apparatus, nichrome corks, bod incubator, hot air oven, laboratory autoclaves and laminar air flow.